Studio Reorganization


View from door into my studio

I spent the long new year’s weekend organizing my studio. I wanted to be able to see my fabrics more easily. The had been stored in a basket, cabinet, various totes and the closet. It was difficult to keep everything neat and I kept forgetting what I had. The shelves in my studio do not have a back so they are good for books and boxes but not great for stacks of fabric – things would fall behind the shelves.

I spent last Friday searching the city for furniture options only to determine that my small 8.5’ x 8.5’ room just wouldn’t fit the furniture available and I really do like the pieces I have. After a bit of research, I opted to turn my fabric into mini bolts, wrapped on acid free cards acquired from a comic book store. They can stand up on my shelves like little books.

I hope you enjoy seeing the results of my reorganization.


The shelves on the left hold baskets full of scraps and clear containers filled with paint, glue and embellishments. The small drawers also keep embellishments organized.


The shelves with mini fabric bolts used to be filled with magazines and books, but fabric is more important than books and magazines! The clear shoe boxes are filled with ribbon, vintage trim, sewing notions, buttons and various fibers. The basket on the bottom is filled with finished art.


Opposite the shelves is a display wall and areas for cutting and ironing. The white drawers hold paper crafting supplies. The cabinet on the left has more clear shoe boxes filled with supplies I don’t use often like stickers, paper scraps and yarn.


The cabinet on the right has upholstery fabrics which are great for fabric books.


My books and magazines are now in the closet and there’s room to add more (I had a precarious stacking situation due to lack of space before). The totes above hold upholstery fabric samples, wool, yarn and blank books. The basket on the floor is filled with UFOs waiting to be completed. There’s also miscellaneous storage on the right (freezer paper, patterns, tote bags).


I didn’t move any furniture for the reorganization, just changed where I stored my supplies.


I bought boards in two sizes (magazine and comic book). On the magazine boards, I placed pieces of 2 yards or more and bulky fabrics. The comic book boards hold 1-2 yard pieces. I cut some of the comic book boards in half and used them for fat quarters. I wrapped the fabric tightly around the board and secured it with a pin.


My studio is now a treasure of inspiring color. I can easily see the fabrics I have and I’m already formulating ideas for new projects.

8 thoughts on “Studio Reorganization”

  1. That looks fabulous. I spent two days last week organizing fabric too…but mine isn’t all visible…just stored nicely.

  2. WOW!!!
    This looks like creative inspiration central and I’m jealous,,,lol. I am so in need of a craft space makeover but I’m waiting till spring and the big move. Then I will go through and redo a lot of things but boy have you given me some amazing ideas with the way you’ve done your fabric on the boards.
    I posted my second girlie girl and I love her.

  3. ooh, that always feels really good! Your studio looks so inviting and inspiring!!
    Say, there’s an angel to the left of your books & magazines closet–is that yours? If so, can we get a closer peek?

  4. I want to just come and sit in that room and feel organized! Or maybe you can come organize my space next time you visit!!!

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