Giveaway Winners & Princess


I like starting posts with a picture. This is Lorelai wearing a princess dress I made for her last year. Isn’t she adorable?

Now for the winners of the Faces and Dress Patterns mini kits:





Congratulations Mandi and Shelia. Look for an email from me asking for your address.

3 thoughts on “Giveaway Winners & Princess”

  1. I sent my address. Thank you so much I know just what I am going to do to. It will be my first attempt but if ya don’t try you never know.

    Big hugs,

  2. OMG I got my pattern today and I’m so excited I just want to go play,,,but my machine has a quilt on it so I have to wait till I finish quilting it. But oh the ideas that I have! I will post pics of her when I am done.

    Loving you to the moon and back

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