Phone Case Art


Can you see the mini version of my quilt on my phone?

After getting a new phone, I couldn’t find a case I liked. All of the pretty ones I found were bulky and I couldn’t access the buttons very well. After much searching and a little nudging from my husband, I settled on a Case Mate Barely There custom case. I chose to use a photo of my patchwork art girl quilt as the image on the case.


The case is great and it’s adorable. I smile every time I see my phone.

If you need a new case for your phone or are looking for gift ideas (think of your art on a case or photos of your family), check out Case Mate. I am a happy customer who will definitely order again.

3 thoughts on “Phone Case Art”

  1. OMG I love this! Can I borrow one of your girls pretty please? I have some fabric that I picked up last night, on sale because it is a Halloween print, that I really want to try to make one of these girls. Here is the deal I have never free motion quilted so any hints, from anyone please?

    Carrie are you still selling any of your pieces?

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