I have a new job as a tech writer at a financial company. I’m updating and writing procedures about mail processing. Sounded silly to me until I learned just how much mail comes into this building every morning and how much is sent out each afternoon – invision billions of pieces a month!

When I get frustrated, bored or tired, I quietly turn my attention to a web browser and I open my website. As I click a link, I’m instantly allowed to peek at another view of life. My eyes delight in the pictures and my mind soaks up the words. I’m filled with so much inspiration I want to rush off to my studio to create. But instead, I close my brower, take a deep breath and as a feeling of contentment flows through me, I return to the work on my desk.

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  1. the exciting life of a tech writer!! I did that as well…writing contract forms for an insurance company. not the sexiest job in the world but it does pay the bills!! I hope it at least leaves you lots and lots of time for crafting!!

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