New Job

I started my job today. It was…not good. The highlight of the day was realizing how good the benefits are.

I discovered that I have a different position than originally described and the department is going through radical changes that they either just found out about or hid how unstable it was during the interviews. I feel a bit deceived.

I had a bad feeling about accepting this job but it was the best offer, the work that sounded most challenging and seemed to fit best with the sort of career that I made for myself. And the benefits and pay are great. When I got there today I felt lost, out of place, not myself and worried that I had made the wrong decision.

The drive home was tiring, I hoped after a dinner of grilled cheese and soup, a little rest on the couch, I would be ready to jump into craft land. That didn’t happen. I’m empty and still not myself.

Tomorrow’s another day. I’m hoping it’s better

I miss Pounce a lot today – he always knew when I need a little kitty love to cheer me up.

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  1. that sounds really frustrating. hopefully it will be one of those things where a month from now you look back on this entry and laugh because everything has turned around. I hope everything turns out ok.

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