Weeks 32-36

Beyond the wedding most of my creations for the last 5 weeks have been in setting up our apartment and job searching.

I know it’s not a ‘craft’ but this does show you where I make some of my crafts.

I ended up creating seperate spaces for myself – this one is supposed to be the master bedroom closet – but it’s full of paper crafting supplies and in the corner (that you can’t see) are 6 baskets full of fabric and a few totes above those.

In the actual room that should be the master bedroom, Troy and I split the space – I have a big table for sewing with two sewing machines set up and another desk with shelves to the ceiling above it for my computer and craft book – oh an every journal I’ve ever filled.

Last night I finally dug in and made a mess of the once neat and organized spaces…it’s nice to be crafting again!