The wedding…

The kiss
The kiss…

I really couldn’t tell you what my vows were without looking it up – I was giggling through the whole ceremony – it was strange to finally be doing it after waiting so long!

sneak view
A sneak peak into the house…

Mr. & Mrs. Payne
The Mr. & Mrs. Payne part… A moment later, my cousin, Mitch, yelled, ‘Best wedding ever!’ I don’t think I could’ve wished for a better ending to the ceremony.

Here’s a few of our guests during the ceremony – yep we were mean and made them stand for the whole 5 minutes! Then there was a group shot of us with all our guest. I can’t wait to see that photo – it should be ready in a week or so.

People started eating after that. We catered the event ourselves with a bit of help from Troy’s mom and grandmother. There was TOO much food, partly due to just having too much and about 20 or so less people showed than expected. As we were cleaning up later, Anna, offered to take the unopened food to the Community Kitchen for us. We gladly accepted her offer and were delighted to know the food wouldn’t be going to waste. They got more chips, taco shells, cheese, sour cream, onions…etc than we could have used in 2 months let alone in the two weeks we have before we move!

We visited with friends, family and had a great time. Everyone was grateful to be in shorts given the heat and humidity – and the air conditioned house was a nice escape when needed.

pinwheels Tracye and Claire
People loved the decorations and were excited to take home the pinwheels. I have a lot left – but I think they will decorate my new craft space after we settle into our new aparment.

Just as a few guests were starting to depart Troy and I peeked in to survey all the clean up that would need to be done…but we were surprised to find my parents had already started the job. And an hour later with only a handful of guests left, everyone pitched in to put the tables and chairs away. It was a awesome to have all the help setting up and even more help cleaning up.

It was a great day – the wedding we envisioned. The only things I wish were different…less heat and humidity!

6 thoughts on “The wedding…”

  1. Congratulations!!!! Beside marrying your soul mate, there is nothing better then the guest enjoying your wedding.

  2. Yeah! It looks and sounds like it was a wonderful day! I am soooo happy for you and troy!! The pinwheels look great, I love that peak photo. Now on to the move… do not forget to send me your new address!

  3. We should get married every two years or so.

    You know, get everyone together, like a family reunion for four families. We could do it in Indy one year, Anderson the next, Cincinnati the next, Atlanta the next…

    We could call it “The Biennial Payne-Skinner-Wilsey-McCune Wedding-Reunion,” and charge $10/family to attend, using grandmothers and such to guilt people into coming. Anyone from the familes who needed to get married could do it that day, one after the other and after that there’d be pie.

    Yes. Pie.

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