June Bug – Month of Softies

It may be last minute but they were oodles of fun to make! Meet Fly Eyes and Blue Bug. They are both ready to head off to the Lady Bug Ball. Made for Loobylu‘s Month of Softies.

Fly Eyes is made from felt with over 5o tiny googly eyes. The whole time I was making him I was signing Heywood Banks’ Lookin’ at the World Through Fly’s Eyes

Blue Bug is based on an actual June Bug with a few minor changes. He’s made of felt and decked in in a top hat and bow tie. His wings actually sparkle too!

2 thoughts on “June Bug – Month of Softies”

  1. These are fabulous – like, really, really fabulous! I love all the eyes on the fly, and Blue Bug has a very distinguished look about him. So wonderful!

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