Week 8 Creations


1. Purple Sparkly Scarf for a friend
2. Art Doll Front (not sure of a name for this one, I just love the flower wings on the back)
3. Art Doll Back
4. Scrapbook for Troy – holds all his published articles in the school and local paper
5. Set of 12 cards for a postcard exchange I’m hosting – each card has a sewn collage front and a pocket sewn to the back which holds a little accordion booklet with a hand painted front
6. Cover for the postcard booklet exchange, sewn collage with embellishments
7. Sherbet ATC – the fabric begged to be used and it went well with the words I’d printed earlier

I also completed the newsletter for Postcard Fairies and wrote an article for Somerset Studio based on the paper lingerie I made. I am so excited that I was asked to write this article and look forward to seeing it in print in the July/August issue! (Sorry I can’t add pictures of the newsletter or article – but you can see the almost finished lingerie here.

2 thoughts on “Week 8 Creations”

  1. Hi Carrie–I just found your blog recently and I’m admiring your projects. You really get a lot done! Your Softie looks wonderful, too.

  2. Hi Carrie–I just found your blog recently and have been admiring your creations. You sure get a lot accomplished! Your Softie looks wonderful, too.

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