Week 4 Creations

Postage ATCs gluecards
A set of ATC using postage and some gluecards I created with scraps from other creations this week.

Valentine Gluecards for an exchange and my handmade valentines to send to friends.

Envelopes for 2 exchanges

2 scarves because I feel like crocheting all the time now

I created this journal (and filled 14 pages inside) to use as a continuous letter with a friend. I’m looking forward to recieving hers soon. We’ll fill each other’s journal for a few weeks and then swap back and continue swapping until we fill the journals! (A round robin between just two people with multiple swaps)

I joined a group called ArtSpark and in response to a prompt (blue) I created this hanging candle. I sometimes think it would be fun to be married at dusk with a hundred such things hanging from the trees (they’d also double as favors too)!