Finds Fun

I get a lot of comments on quilts with the girl doing a handstand. Some people think the quilt is upside down; others wonder how her dress stays up. I see that she just flipped into a handstand and her dress hasn’t had time to fall down yet – nor has all of her hair.

Finds Fun Outside (7” x 11”)

Want to learn how I make art quilts? I’m teaching a workshop at Seams Like Home Quilt Shoppe (in Anchorage Alaska) on Saturday, May 28th from 10:30am – 4:30pm. It’ll be a fun time creating your own girl at play. Contact Seams Like Home to sign up!
Also, if you are in Anchorage, you can now find my art quilts and journals at Dos Manos Gallery. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to join the Dos Manos family. They have an amazing array of art and hand crafted gifts.