Dream BIG

Dreaming big and coming up with ideas is part of the fun of being creative especially as I see new fabrics, no patterns and learn new technique. I struggle to balance heading after the shiny new idea and finishing the projects in front of me. I like to give myself 1/2 a day or a full day each week to work on something fun – not a commission quilt, not a pattern I’m designing, not a writing project. Something that lets me experiment with colors, techniques or fabrics. That fun project often turns into throw size quilts, I gift to friend and family, but sometimes it leads me to new art quilts. These portrait dress quilts are an example. I created them with wood, canvas, paper and stitching for a writing project, but I kept wondering what if I did them all in fabric. It was such fun making the first ones that I keep making them.
Dream BIG (9” x 12”)