This could be the bottom half of the Be Beauty quilt from yesterday. I love this yellow print from Anna Maria Horner. It makes a great background or a sweet dress.
Believe (9” x 12”)

Many years ago the following words were written in my journal:

believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, believe in your magic, believe yourself magic, believemagic

I was looking for a name to use on a SARK message board – I wanted something that would remind me to believe in myself, the power of my dreams and the magic we create when we follow our dreams. I settled on believemagic. It served me well on the message board, I found like minded folks and joined a group called the Postcard Fairies who sent postcards to each other and stranger with the message that we are all connected. I met more like minded people and started my website with no plan other than to share my creative joy. Today believemagic is the name of my business; it continues to remind me to believe in my magic and my desire to create, imagine and smile and hopefully along the way inspire others to believe in their creative magic.