Wordy Insertions – A What If Quilt

What if … that phrase always leads me down the creative rabbit hole. What if I started with a yard of text print and cut it apart and inserted other fabrics until the top was big enough for a small throw, then, seeing as it is a modern design, I stitch a very many straight lines to quilt it?
I used 3 solids and 3 prints to intersect the text print and quilted the top with 3 different colors of thread (which photos just can’t quilt capture). Once it was finished, I sort of wished I had changed the order I inserted the fabric strips so at lease one of these vertical strips was behind the blue/gold/green strip at the bottom. But it was a one day project that I found fun and gave my mind a break from art quilts.
On the back are the same triangle prints and 2 shades of gray. The finished quilt is 46” x 50”.