Discover Your Magic

Almost 15 years ago, I was jotting down ideas for an online moniker to use when I join a fun group called the Postcard Fairies. The Postcard Fairies are a network of succulent folks who make and send postcards all over the world with a message that we are all connected. My usual online handle didn’t seem to fit and this was before Facebook made the use of real names common.
I had been re-reading SARK books and the Artist Way and the words that kept repeating in my journaling at the time were discover your manage, believe in your magic and make magic. I wasn’t referring to rabbit out of hat magic or supernatural magic. I was referring to the magic within each of us to create – create art, create happiness, create love.
Discover your magic (5.5” x 9”)
At that time, in a less than fulfilling office manager job, the believing part was most inspiring to me. Believe in Your Magic became Believe Yourself Magic and finally I wrote believemagic. My online name was found and still remains today as the name of my creative company.