Dream BIG

I have fallen for a new fabric designer – Alison Glass. The bright colors of her Sun Print collection are great for mini quilts like this one and her Handcrafted line is perfect for journals. There are other lines, but I have not had a chance to play with them…yet.
I enjoy pairing these happy prints with solids and French text print to create message girl quilts. I can add a bit of decorative stitching to embellish the dresses and write a message to inspire and remind.
Dream BIG (5.5” x 9”)
Lately, I’ve been dreaming of easier ways to create these mini quilts – reducing strain on my hands from cutting out large batches of tiny appliqué people. My husband, ever the champion of my art and technology, researched die cutting machines that let me load my own drawings. Last weekend, we began experimenting with paper (it’s cheaper than fabric) and they look great which is good for making cards and door hangers with my girls on them. I’m excited to see how the machine cuts fabric. If you use a die cutting machine with fabric, I’d love to hear any tips or trick for ensuring success.