Ready for Adventure

The mud is mostly dry around here, so the big boots this girl is wearing weren’t needed for my recent adventures.

I took 2 days off work for a lovely 4 day weekend – right before the upcoming 3 day weekend. We were supposed to move into our first house during this schedule 4 day weekend, but things are a bit gummed up. Instead we headed out for adventure. We spent a day exploring nearby towns (visiting quilt shops of course), then biking to enjoy the sunlight. There was lounging with good books, lots of sleep and some stitching on a quilt for warmth. What adventures have you been having?

She is ready for adventures (7” x 9”)

I decided her shirt needed to be a bit longer, so I fused on a bit more red fabric. When I was outline stitching it, I wanted the extra fabric to look intentional so I added some shirring to the bottom of the shirt. I like better on the actual quilt vs. the photo.