Journey of an Art Quilt – Courage, Vulnerability and Connection

The final quilt that I created for a local residential treatment facility began with two proposes sketches. The theme was courage, vulnerability and connection.
We selected a design and I laid out the background and assembled the girls. Nothing was attached in this photo – all just carefully arranged on my kitchen counter (the only space in the house big enough for it (where the cats wouldn’t disturb it).
The quilling was giant flowers and swirls with gray thread. It was a beast to do on a quilt this size, but the effect is worth it.
Once the quilting was complete, the girls were fused in placed and I outlined stitched around them and added the words to their shirts.
I spent a lot of time researching the theme for this quilt and jotting down notes before coming up with just the right sayings for each t-shirt. It’s such a wonderful statement for life.
Courage, Vulnerability Strength, Connection and Belonging (46” x 30”)

I love the variety of the “skin tones” and how this group of girls will hopefully inspire others to open themselves up to connection, belonging and ultimately, joy.