Random Makings

I completed a few doll size quilts for stuffed animals. My quilt guild will pair them with stuffed animals and give them to children.
This is my favorite one – happy hippos. I once had a night terror about a small white hippo attacking me – I woke up screaming “hippo attack! hippo attack!” My husband has shared this story with many people and my friends often tease me about it. I’ve decide to befriend hippos and have been using hippo fabric in a few projects lately. wpid-IMG_8422-2015-01-27-06-00.jpg
I adopted the orphan block and appliquéd some Pooh and friends fabric to make it more child friendly. I practiced free motion stitching to quilt this.
I ordered new business cards as my current stash was running low. I like to order 75 of each design so I can try out new designs.