Journey of an Art Quilt – You Are Not Alone

A little research on a topic or a search for inspiration leads to a sketch.
I make my Initial fabric selections and if creating for a client adjust my selections based feedback. In this quilt we decided on softer colors for the girls’ clothing instead of the bright pink and green fabrics in the bottom right,
I lay out the collaged background and create the girls – nothing is permanent yetwpid-IMG_8108-2015-01-21-21-58.jpg
Once I get the okay from either myself or the client, the background collage is fused to the batting and I quilt the background. I quilted the background with gray thread to tone down the brights in the sky, add definition to the mountains and blend in with the water.
The quilt is trimmed and girls are fused in place. Additional stitching in black is added. Lastly, the quilt is bound and hangers are attached.
You are not alone (36” x 23”)

I so love the sunset sky in this piece; it’s bright, but not too bright.