Year of Quilts Finale and Thoughts

The final quilt in the year of quilts!
One side has santa, reindeer and penguins.
The other is more muted with kitties, puppies and plaid.
I quilted it with ‘merry’ and ornaments. I did so not stitching the words left to right but rather top to bottom. Like writing sideways – I was surprised how easily my brain made the shift.

The year of quilts has been a fun challenge. None of the quilts were elaborately pieced, but they were great practice for playing with color and quilting. Did I mention that most of the fabrics were my husband’s choice? Yep, not all were prints I would have selected, so they pushed me outside my comfort zone. Occasionally, I reigned in his selections – he desperately wanted this rooster fabric – to make the challenge manageable.
I would do another year of quilts:

  1. Each time I had to peruse my stash for a coordinating fabrics or suitable binding, I discovered new combinations to try in art quilt or other throw/bed quilts.
  2. I have even more confidence to quilt a larger quilt with free motion stitching – giant words stitched sideways – heck yeah!!!
  3. I like giving – 2014 wasn’t just the year of quilts, it was year of giving quilts.