Bloom Love Live Happy

My paint chip colors inspired another projects using canvas, sheet musics, fabric, wire, wool and thread.
I created canvas quilt backgrounds bound pillowcase style. Then stitched slightly ruffled strips of sheet music to the background.
For love, I tore strips of purple fabric and ruffled them as I stitched them to the background with orange thread. I cut a heart from orange wool and stitched it in place, adding some exaggerated zig-zag stitching. I then formed ‘love’ and a tiny heart from annealed steel wire and hand stitched them in place.
For live happy, I stitched a heart and ‘happy’ from orange thread. I added a strip of purple ruffles machine stitched in place and the wire word was hand stitched across the heart. I added some additional hand stitching with orange thread.
I created flowers with strips of purples and orange fabric. I twisted the fabric as I stitched it to the background. I created a the outer edge first and then spiraled it to the center. I hand stitched the wire word to the background and added some hand stitching in orange in a few places.