Feeling Better

Fabric book cover (8” x 8”)

Not feeling well lasted a week. I’m not very good at being sick and resting to get better. I’m okay with staying home to not spread germs, but I work from home so I usually keep working when I’m sick.

Last week I kept telling myself: it was just a cold, work is so busy, I can’t fall behind. I never really rested. Over the weekend, I tried to rest some – though not enough. On Monday, concerned coworkers and my boss reminded me that it’s okay to slow down and rest. So for the last few days I worked, but in between long naps. I’m feeling much better today.

The next time I’m not feeling well, I will try to better balance demands on my time with the demands of my body to rest.

For now, I’m looking forward to a long weekend celebrating my wedding anniversary and hopefully I’ll find some time with the my sewing machines.