Magpie Girl 1 – She Collected Shiny, Sparkly Bits

Magpie Girl 1 (13” x 23”)

This is the first of 4 quilts inspired by the inspirational envelope challenge.

The background is made of scraps of yellow fabric, much of it was hand dyed from my wedding fused to the batting and then free motion doodle stitched.

The girl collects bit and pieces like a magpie and keeps them on her dress. After fusing and stitching the dress to the background, I made a wire dress adding much of the inspirational envelope contents and few other baubles I had as I created the dress.


On the dress, silk thread, beads, old bobbins with thread still on them, old clothing label, safety pins, piece of 5 dollar bill and spiraled wire.


The saying on the quilt is ‘she collected shiny, sparkly bits.’


Here’s a sneak peek at the other magpie girls – more on each one soon.