Week 18 & 19 Creations

A week ago, while walking between two buildings at work, I fell. I tripped on a rock, landing in the fine gravel on the side of the road, twisting one ankle and twisting the opposite knee. A trip to the ER and a weeks worth of pain killers and anti-inflammatories has kept me from getting much done. Mostly because the pain in my legs has kept me from sewing…even driving is a bit painful, but I do need to get to work. And after sitting at work all day where elevating and icing the injuries is a bit difficult, I found myself each night laid out on the couch vegging.

The past two weekends have been celebrating Troy. He graduated on the 8th with distinction and his mom hosted a kick ass party on the 14th. I’m still exhausted from the whirlwind of activities and injuries but glad to be slowly getting back to feeling up to doing something – even if you can see it yet (starting a redo of my entire website).

Since I was asleep last week when I should have been posting, I’m combining the last two weeks worth of creations. There’s not much but I’m including something a tad unorthodox – bruises. They won’t last a lifetime, heck they may be gone in a few weeks, but I had to document them as I did create them or rather my clumsiness did. At last count I was up to 15. So without further ado, a few pictures of creations (including bruises).


P5162611Img 5081Img 5073-1P5162616

1-4: Playing with gesso and marker on altered book pages, ended up cutting them out so I could make them into postcard.

5: dressed up, jointed paper doll – there will be more of these soon – such fun to make!!!

6-7: bruising on my legs from the fall (there are some on my arms) I REALLY am that pale!

8: Nine ATCs made from lace sewed onto felt, glued, painted and painted