Week 5 Creations

Part of the upgrade was to allow me to use ecto for posting. Hopefully it will make posting faster though it is not something I can currently control. Sorry for the wonkiness of the page, but the pics are all thumbnails now and you can click them to see a bigger image if you like.

Crochet was a big theme last week. I completed 4 scarves and a purse (a scarf that went horrible wrong but turned out perfectly!).

Here’s all the crochet creations:

pink scarf

green scarf

purply puffs scarf

orange-red purseinside

Inside the purse is a pocket with the quote ‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’ -Mary Oliver

I created some gift tags from old holiday cards for a nervousness swap.

holiday tag

I also made my first artistamps – I’m definitely addicted!

And a few sets of Artist Trading Cards


And for my mom’s birthday I made her this fabric card. Inside was a pocket to hold small photos, I printed pictures of her parents, her children and her grandchild. The front is a picture of my grandmother who I never met as she died 4 years before I was conceived.