New Year – New Challenges

I fell in love with this spunky lady when I saw her at the antique store. She will soon appear on journals, in quilts – she seems to have a spirit that says ‘You can do anything!’ And this year I feel as if I really can do anything to which I set my mind.

I don’t make resolutions. Instead for the past few years I’ve made a self challenge. Last year I challenged myself to use all the fabric from my then enourmous stash. I didn’t use it all, but I did come close. A few delicious yards and fat quarters, a ton of polyester, and scraps remain.

This year I am challenging myself to create 7 items a week and document them here. That’s 365 completed projects in 2005. Creating, whether it be with fabic, paper or wire, makes me come alive. Why not challenge myself to feel truly alive every day?

I can’t quite commit to create an item a day because some days that is impossible or some projects take multiple days. Seven in a week is attainable. I’m excited, nervous and hoping that this public declaration of my challenge/goal will spur me into a creative frenzy that continues for a lifetime.