Holiday Creations 1

I decided in November that instead of my usual cookie/candy baskets I was going to give my quilts as gifts to family and friends. I dug out my inventory of cuddle quilts and realized that I only needed to make 9 more before Christmas to have the full 20 I needed. So I was a creating fool from Thanksgiving until Dec 16th. I didn’t want to spoil any surprises by posting my creations before all the gift-giving was done. But now that the holiday hurries have passed and I’ve had time to recover from our whirlwind trip to TN and GA cut short by the snow storms here in Indiana, I’m itching to show off some of my work. Sadly a few creations were wrapped before I remembed that I wanted a picture of them.

Here’s a few cuddle quilts that I snapped as people received them:
Cuddle Quilt
Made for Troy’s grandmother (I incorporated fabric from an old shirt of Troy’s and an old skirt of mine)

Cuddle Quilt 2
Made for Troy’s mom – it’s a watercolor quilt one side is lights fading into mediums and the other is darks fading into mediums. I used to be a huge queen size quilt but when my parents divorced the quilt lost it’s meaning and I had torn it apart – save for the peiced top and it sat in a box for the last 6 years…it was time to get some good use out of it

Cuddle Quilt 3
Made for my sister-in-law

Cuddle Quilt 4
This quilt was one of my first crazy quilts and it was wrapped up for a random gift exchange.

If you want to see some of the other quilts that I gave away, you can click through the
cuddle quilts
– all of those were given as gifts this year.