Fishing Happy

Fishing season is in full swing here – I like to celebrate, not by actually fishing but, by creating an art quilt.
Fishing is a happy way to spend a day (9” x 12”)


she smiles often and easily

  • Andrea

    What a sweet finish! I'm ready to go fishing now. I'll have to check and see if Father Time will add a few more hours to my day today so I can head to the beach. --Andrea

  • Gill

    Gorgeous Carrie! This could have been me a few years ago!!

  • Debbie

    Even though the quilt has a gal fishing,,,,my brother-in-law would sure agree, fishing is a great way to spend the day, he was an avid fly fisherman. Very cute quilt. Do I sense a series of beach/water quilts in your future????

  • Katiekat

    Another beautiful quilt. Love the background fabric, stitching, and the girl.

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