Counts Her Blessings – Girl with Balloons 3

At the end of May, my allergies went haywire; too much seasonal pollen combined with smoke and ash from an enormous forest fire overwhelmed the delicate balance my daily allergy medicine can maintain. At first my eyes felt a bit over dry, then itching. Two days later both eyes were blood red and one eye was swollen closed. The last time my allergies went crazy, my whole body swelled and turned red, so only my eyes was sort of nice.

However, fuzzy vision and pain on a holiday is not fun; I went to the ER for relief. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. The next morning, both eyes were swollen closed. Thankfully my eye doctor was back in town and squeezed me in. I got the medication I needed to curb the swelling and pain.
This week, my doctor says I am 100% better. Yay! It’s been a full week: dreams come true, long days at work, laughter, errands, quilting, lists, movies, very early morning conference calls, kitty snuggles and finalizing vacation plans.

It’s a week full of blessings like this bird filled sky of happy thoughts.

She counts her blessings (8” x 10”)

What blessings or joy has filled your week?


she smiles often and easily