Category: Fairy Tale Series

She Hardly Closed Her Eyes

A bed piled high with mattresses and by order of a doubting queen, a small pea lies beneath them all. If the girl felt the pea, she was indeed a princess and worthy of the prince.
Princess & Pea 1 (17” x 20”) – she hardly closed her eyes all night, heaven know what was in the bed

Rapunzel 1

Rapunzel looks down from her tower her hair spilling down toward the ground.
There the prince, grabs hold hoping to spend some time with is beloved.
Rapunzel 1 (13” x 20”) – Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair

The Light Princess

A princess clad in lilac silk with silk ties on her arms. She is the Light Princess – as in she floats. In this tale the princess is cursed to not be affected by gravity. She floats and so does her personality. She has little care for others and doesn’t see the consequences of her actions.

That is until she is in water. In water the princess is truly the person she was meant to be and she falls in love. I enjoyed the story and the images of a stage production of this tale inspired the quilt.
The Light Princess (21” x 26”) – she had no gravity, except when in water

Sleeping Beauty

When I was thinking of creating Sleeping Beauty, I didn’t want the girl in the bed awaiting her prince charming, I wanted to capture the moment before the spell put her into a deep sleep – her happening upon a spinning wheel inside the castle.
Sleeping Beauty (12” x 15”) – she reached for the spindle


A girl in a blue silk ball gown embellished with small jewel. She is featured on the tree fabric that inspired my fairy tale theme art quilt series.
My favorite part of Cinderella is when she returns home just as the magic is wearing off. She only has memories of the evening and a secret hope that there will be another.
Cinderella (23” x 26”) – she was grateful for a magical night with the prince

Snow White

After the Evil Queen picked an apple, it ended up in the hands of Snow White.
She could not resist, she barely had a bite when she fell to the ground.
Snow White (12” x 16”)

This quilt spills past the background as Snow, post bite, lies on the floor. I contemplated a diptych for this piece, but found that having both moments on the same quilt told a better story.

Evil Queen

Most fairy tales have an evil queen or witch that causes the mischief that the heroine and/or hero must overcome (or succumb to if you read some of the original written tales). As such I thought my collection of art quilts warranted such a character, for the evil queens and witches in these stories go to great lengths to get their way.
Evil Queen (13” x 18”) – she made a new plan to become the fairest of all

Beauty Loves the Beast

A gold ball gown and a rose – those are images I see when I think about Beauty and the Beast.
I enjoyed creating the dimensional dress with lots of lace and silk. The sentiment says, ‘She had fallen in love with the Beast.’
Beauty Loves the Beast (13” x 21”)

Frog Prince

Creating the princess running away from the frog prince with her golden orb was such fun. The purple and gold fabric played so well with the green frog and the background.
The Frog Prince (12” x 16”)
The saying a directly from the tale:
        the frog called after her, ‘stay princess and take me with you as you said’