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Reader Creativity

I love seeing quilters, artists and crafters creating pieces inspired by my patterns and creations. I hope you will enjoy seeing these creation as much as I do.

Barbara created her first mini quilt using my umbrella girl pattern. I like the mixed materials – it gives it texture and keeps your eye dancing.

LaDawn created this sweet girl with her cat. She wrote: “Here’s my second quilt made from your patterns. This one is of my daughter serving as a missionary in Utah.” I like the buttons she used for flowers!

Cindy has been busy creating art quilts from photos of family of friends. This one was a gift for a friend, she wrote: “Here’s my favorite reproduction of a photo of a dear childhood friend with her partner walking through Yosemite National Park.  The picture was on their Holiday card. It touched my heart so much, I reproduced it as best I could, and sent it to her as a thank you gift.  They were thrilled, and almost speechless!” I can see why – it’s wonderful. Check out the pictures she has been using for inspiration.

20180129_185741_resized-2018-02-9-20-53.jpg 20171121_175237_resized_1-2018-02-9-20-53.png

From the photo of her daughter, Cindy created this art quilt. It has so much movement. And she drew in a face on the girl and her puggle. It capture the excitement and enjoyment of the moment.

Cindy also created this photo replica of her daughter trekking/hiking through Chile and Patagonia.  Cindy is having so much fun stitching up these wonderful treasures. I asked her how she was creating the faces. She wrote: “I used free-motion quilting and a little thread painting for faces and shadows.  I’ve found that thread painting shadows is easier before sandwiching the layers, but it almost looks the same before as after.”

She also notes: “Tiny pieces of shoes are tedious , but patience in getting the tiny bits fused and appliquéd on the background fabric is paramount to a great outcome!” I concur – shoes and other tiny appliqué pieces can be tedious, but they do help make the quilt come alive.

Reader Creativity

I love seeing quilters, artists and crafters creating pieces inspired by my patterns and creations.
Mary created this wall hanging with 16 different ballerinas. She writes:
        “… sharing my newest quilt from your ballerinas. Butterfly borders, pastel fabrics with petite metallic gold designs of hearts, bows, bird cages, birds, flowers for background and medium tan binding. It is approximately 42 x 52 and the back of quilt has lavender attic window frames appliquéd on to showcase the stitchery. This took 2 months and I enjoyed every moment of making it….except a little unsewing.”

Way to go Mary! I love how the back is thread sketched ballerinas.

Michelle created this quilt with a Sew Cut Quilter pattern. Michelle writes:
        “I wanted to share the ‘portrait quilt’ I made for guild challenge. I enjoyed making her and really do have the barn out my window.”

I love the scene that Michelle created, it makes the quilt ‘sew’ personal.

MargeretAnne created this small art quilt using a Creative Girl Art Quilt pattern. She writes:

“…wanted to tell you I love this pattern, faces, and fabric. I made a birthday quilt for my granddaughter and she ( and everyone else) loved it. Your directions were super easy to follow as well. I have two more in the works and am having lots of fun creating.”

The sentiment on top says, “Let your inner beauty shine through” and the bottom says, “Happy 5th Birthday, Harper Grace. Love Grandma.” The glittery dimensional skirt is darling.

If you’ve finished a quilt or other fun creation inspired by my patterns, please send me photos – I’d love to see them and share them.

Student Creativity

On Saturday, I taught an art quilt class. Not only did each at student go home with a mostly completed project (additional embellishments pending), every student tried free motion quilting – some for the first time. I hope my students had as much fun as I did.

joy is a cartwheel any where by Jerri : : dance like no one is watching by Tina

I hope you dance by Mary : : she twirls everyday by Junko

she anticipated sweet dreams by Bobbie : : she enjoys the beauty of the ballet by Melozi
Love what you do (do what you love) by Peggy

Reader Creativity

I love seeing quilters, artists and crafters creating pieces inspired by my patterns and creations.
Cindy has been at it again! She created this beautiful quilt inspired by the photo below of her daughter, Amanda, on a bike ride with her dog, Booker, in his cart, on San Juan Island, WA.
Cindy resized the photo to make the create an appliqué pattern to fit with my 12″ bike pattern and did a lot of free-hand drawing to create a bike, cart and girl to more closely match the photo. She name the quilt “Biking with Booker”.
The detail and work that went into this piece is amazing and her daughter agrees! Cindy sent along a picture of her daughter next to the quilt on her wall taken right after she received it as her 30th birthday gift.

I look forward to seeing what Cindy creates next!

Reader Creativity

I love seeing quilters, artists and crafters creating pieces inspired by my patterns and creations.

Mary created quilted bags as a surprise for the members of her sewing group, the Quilting Queens, to use as project bags. Each is approximately 23” x 17” x 7” and has high heels on one side and a girl on the other. What a great gift and fun use for the girls.

Cindy sent me this photo of her youngest daughter taken in Kona, Hawaii. She loved the photo so much, she created a quilt with my Happy Girls pattern in mind.

Cindy writes:

I had to enlarge the picture enough to trace her body parts on my sunny west facing window, to make the pattern for her body and swimsuit cover-up.  The rest of the quilt was done free form and appliqué from just repeatedly looking at the photograph.  The quilt measures approximately 20” x 25″.  I named it “She’s Kona Jump!”, and gave it to her on June 3rd, for her 28th birthday.   She was actually at a loss for words, she loves it so much!  It hangs in her new apartment in her bathroom, with another one I made for her replicating her dancing on a beach.  

I love all the colors that she captured in the quilt with the sand, sea, sky, rock and tree. The quilt is as happy as the photo.

This Family Fun quilt was created by Mary. She has been enjoying some of my new patterns. I really love seeing them all together in one quilt and it’s such a fun way to capture the joy of your family.