Category: Sketches


I love doodling and I recently started a using a few apps on my phone to doodle. It’s so much fun.
I start with a doodle and a bit of color in an app called Sketches – those are the bottom pictures shown here.
I then add textures over my doodles and fiddle with colors in RD Magic.
Lastly I add designs and text using an app called Rhonna
I like adjusting the colors – it lets me create very different designs from the same original doodle.

Sketching – Winter

I’ve got a few winter quilt background in progress so I’ve been sketching out people to go on the quilts. I like the coats, hats and boots – so many opportunities for color and fun.

Sketching – Halloween

Boys!!! Yep, some boys in Halloween costumes – teen wolf, superman and daddy mummy.
I had to add a girl or two to the mix – dracula, freaky party girl and witch
The kids all need a spooky house to visit for trick-or-treating.

Sketching – Silly Sick Fun

I’ve been sick most of this week with a bad cold and throat thing. I sleep, work, sleep and maybe piece larger quilts together before sleeping more. There’s been many cups of tea and I fear we have run out Tylenol to keep the fever down. Thankfully it’s the weekend and I no longer have to be productive. I can hide out with a good book under the covers and shiver the ick away.