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Life Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

I found some great journal cards to use in my paper collages. This is one of my favorites! Today was just such a day. I had plans for a perfectly productive day, instead there was napping and procrastinating via stitching on quilts for warmth – that was wonderful too – maybe more so since it nourished my soul.
The top left and bottom right notebook covers are great scrapbook papers I found. I embellished them with a bit of extra paper and stitching for added texture and interest.

Zipper Pouches

I’ve been experimenting with prints of my art on fabric.
Some are great for framing, but others are too small or extra copies.
So I grabbed a handful of zippers and made some pouches.
On one side is art, the other a coordinating fabric.
And the inside is lined too.

Creative Chaos

This was my coffee table on Saturday night. It’s filled with thread drawn sketches, tiny portrait prints, journals and the supplies to finish them. I went to bed that night content – happy to have created a bit of chaos even if only on my coffee table.
Journals were taken to the GCVA gallery in Girdwood and the Dos Manos gallery in Anchorage. Each one has 2 included notebooks assembled from a variety of papers. When that notebook is full you can swap it out for a new notebook – the cover fits small Field Notes or Moleskine notebook.
In between all that creative chaos has been a quilt for warmth using these fabrics and several others. I’m looking forward to spending the day quilting.

Sketch and Digital Collage Fun

she remained true to herself : : up lift and inspire : : she remained true to herself

be the good : : close your eyes, clear your heart, let it go : : make a wish

embrace your best self, let your hair down, live passionately, dig in & work hard : : amaze yourself happy : : enjoy the process : : we can do hard things