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Birthday Celebration Sale

I turn 45 tomorrow! To celebrate my birthday I’m combining my love of creating and my desire to make room for new magic.  
What does that mean for you?  A sale and a free workshop.

I posted an 8 part video workshop to create a Magpie Girl Art Quilt to my YouTube channel.  Now’s a great time to watch and get inspired to start stitching your own art quilt.  What’s a Magpie Girl?  A girl who collects precious bits and baubles of shiny and sometimes tattered items.  Best of all, she isn’t afraid to display her collection on the ruffled layers of her dress.    

Magpie Girl Art Quilt Workshop

I’ve got a closet full of patterns that need to find their way into your creative hands.   That means most paper patterns are 60% off now through April 30. 

Paper Patterns

If you don’t want to wait for postal delivery, all PDF (digital download) patterns are 50% off through April 30.  

PDF Patterns

Lastly, I’m freeing up some space on my shelves for new creative adventures, so I have bundled up cards and fabric prints and put them on clearance (75% off).  Get them before they are gone.

Fabric Print and Card Bundles

I hope you are all finding ways to create happy in the unknown chaos and quiet we find ourselves in.  

New Fabric and Fun!

I’ve been seeking new “skin tones” for my art quilts. I often cannot find the variety I want from commercially available fabrics, so I started designing some new fabrics with my own handwriting or text. I love sharing my obsessions so I won’t be keeping these all to myself – I’ve added them to my Etsy shop.


A few months ago, Brewer Sewing and Quilting Supplies, a wholesale distributor to quilt shops, started carrying my patterns! It’s a new adventure for me but my favorite part about joining Brewer is that I can inspire creativity in even more quilters and crafters. If you’d like to get your hands on my paper patterns, tell your local quilt shop to order a few when they next order from Brewer.


I’ve been cleaning my studio and office space to prepare for a new year of creative fun. I needed to make some room for storing patterns and fabric, so I put together some fun bundles of paper patterns and fabric in my Etsy shop to inspire your creative play. The best part – they are on sale!

New Patterns!!!

7 new patterns have been created and posted to my Etsy shop.
First up are Fun on Ice with two hockey designs and an ice skater and Ski Fun with 2 different skiers and one design includes hair to create a boy and hair for a girl.
Umbrella Girls 2 for enjoying raining days and Dog Walking which is a guy with 3 different dog options. The dogs can be used with other patterns like Happy Girls too.
These new patterns have the exploded reversed designs for easy tracing and the assembled design to help you create the appliqué girl or guy.
Fat Tire Fun has 3 different fat tire bike riders some of which include hair designs to create a boy or girl. Side By Side has 3 different couples and the guy in front facing design can be used with other patterns too.
Last up is the highly requested Sew Cute Quilter.
The patterns are available for digital download from Etsy – that means you can download the pattern multiple times and print it whenever you need it. If you’d rather have a paper copy of the pattern, sorry but I need to give the printer time to get them made. I’ll keep you posted when the paper versions are available.

Halloween Kids Pattern

My favorite part about Halloween is seeing kids dressed in their costumes trick-or-treating. We don’t get many trick-or-treaters here so I create Halloween art quilts instead. Last year I made these adorable art quilts and now you can too!

With my Halloween Kids pattern, you can create a superhero, mummy, witch, dracula, or bride of frankenstein. Yes, that list included boys, a frequent request that I am slowly starting to deliver.
The pattern is a digital download so you can get started today. Visit my Etsy shop for the pattern or pick up a Halloween art quilt to decorate your home.

New Stuff in Shop


I had so much fun creating art quilts with the girl doing a hand stand, jumping rope or swinging that I turned them into a pattern! Paper patterns (printed by me and mailed to you) and digital download patterns (download them now and print them when you need them) are available in my Etsy shop.

I’ve had several requests for a bicycle quilt pattern. I’m happy to report that patterns are finally available in paper or digital download.

I’ve been making and stitching like crazy – including a few new notebook covers. These are similar to a set I made earlier this year – this print likes being the star of a project.

Lastly, I put together a new fabric bundle – low volume (black and white) text prints. They are great quilting neutrals.

Text Prints via Spoonflower


For the last few months, I have been designing fabrics – specifically text prints.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve made a few text prints for sale via Spoonflower.

You can order fat quarters or yardage. I recommend having the designs printed on Kona cotton or basic combed cotton.

In the Quilt Shop – A Quilts, Tacos & Tattoos Pattern


In the Quilt Shop is a pattern based on the new novel ‘Quilts, Tacos & Tattoos’. The pattern is similar to quilt I made for the book cover and features a girl in a quilt shop.

Use the pattern to create a quilt 9” x 13” featuring a girl wearing a dimensional dress that literally pops off the quilt standing in a quilt shop complete with fabric bolts, sewing machine and a quilt on the wall.

The pattern includes a full color photo of a sample quilt, step-by-step directions for the pieced quilt shop background and templates for appliqué pieces to create the girl and her dimensional dress.

The patterns also features a quick guide for those who don’t like to read directions.

Patterns are available in my Etsy shop: believemagic

If you are quilt shop owner and want to order patterns wholesale, please email me.