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Play Pretend

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More notebook covers to inspire creative play and the capturing of joyful moment.

Play pretend is resonating with me today – I’m pretending my husband and I are well and not waiting for our bodies to finish battling the virus that is attacking them. I’m grateful for Netflix and novels – they pass the time when we’re not sleeping. I’m hoping to awaken feeling better tomorrow.

Hold Tight – Smile

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Sometimes I get to sew on samples while I work at the quilt shop. This is fun, but I find I don’t have the same ‘need’ to get into my studio like I did when I worked an office job. Instead of forcing the stitched magic, I’ve been creating with the computer or cutting, sorting and folding paper for more journals.

Smile – even on rainy days

Here & Now

Sometimes I need a reminder to stay present and focus on the moment – the here and now. This notebook cover is a great reminder!

These covers make me want to jot down ideas for my next stitched projects or collecting bits and baubles I have found.

Life Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

I found some great journal cards to use in my paper collages. This is one of my favorites! Today was just such a day. I had plans for a perfectly productive day, instead there was napping and procrastinating via stitching on quilts for warmth – that was wonderful too – maybe more so since it nourished my soul.
The top left and bottom right notebook covers are great scrapbook papers I found. I embellished them with a bit of extra paper and stitching for added texture and interest.