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Life Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

I found some great journal cards to use in my paper collages. This is one of my favorites! Today was just such a day. I had plans for a perfectly productive day, instead there was napping and procrastinating via stitching on quilts for warmth – that was wonderful too – maybe more so since it nourished my soul.
The top left and bottom right notebook covers are great scrapbook papers I found. I embellished them with a bit of extra paper and stitching for added texture and interest.

Lucky State of Mind

Recently, I created a new batch of large journals. One of my favorite parts of the process is creating the covers for the signatures or notebooks that go into each journal.
It’s fun to mix paper scraps, ephemera and stitching to make a collage.

Paper and Fabric Fun

Last week my studio was overrun with paper as I created 20 journals and a few extra covers. It’s always fun to pick fabrics for the covers and and stitch them and and then to turn around and create the notebooks that go inside the journals.
The collage on the cover of each notebook is my favorite little detail.

Journal & Notebook Fun

Before the big holiday bazaar, I created 36 small journals – here they are before I inserted the paper notebooks into the covers.
I enjoy using lots of different fabrics – some very new, some old but all happy.
There were also larger journals. On front of each notebook or signature, I create a small collage with tags, stickers, happy bits of paper. It’s one my favorite parts of creating these larger journals.
I adore the size of composition notebooks and these fabric covers can be reused with new notebooks once you fill the one included.

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My studio and now my dining room (so I can watch movies with my husband while I stitch) are overflowing with journals in various stages of completion.
These are designed so that the scrappy stitched notebooks inside can be switched out once full.
I like to add words to the covers of the notebooks – something to set to the mood or tone for the various pages inside.
Dream is the perfect word to describe my goals for today: complete the stitching of all the paper insides by the end of the day. This goal is very lofty given that there are almost 70 in process and 4 dozen left to stitch. Can you tell mass production for the holiday season is in full swing?

New Journal Style

I’ve been trying a new journal making method – these are made so that the notebook pages inside can be traded out once full.
I use elastic cord for the binding and closure – adding a metal tags for embellishment.
I tried two size: 4” x 6” and 6” x 8”. I plan to try some new ones at 5.5” x 8.5” soon. I like the idea that someone could fold their own paper and create a notebook to slip inside their journal cover.
The larger journals have a few stitched pages, while the little ones are kept plain. I can’t wait to play with this technique more.

Journal Fun – Make Wander Hope

I cut into some new Cotton & Steel prints for this journal. Love that typewriter.
This cover is made with velveteen screams – yum!
Riley Blake scraps with messages of hope and kindness