Author: Carrie

Together We Can Do So Much

What do I like most about SAQA? The connection with people. During this time of social distancing, we can’t be together in person connecting but we are still making amazing things happen. From supporting SAQA and affecting community and global changes, we make a difference when we work together. This piece honors women working together to do so much.
Together we can do so much (12” x 12”)

Some Heros Wear Scrubs

One of these was commissioned. However, to show color options I created 2 girls and 2 backgrounds. After the customer is happy, I have an extra to enjoy too.
Nurses are amazing!
Some heros wear scrubs (5.5” x 9”)

Colorful Umbrella

I’m wishing for rain to help tamp down the pollen in the air and just because rainy days are fun.

Happiness is a colorful umbrella on a rainy day (7.5” x 10”)

Hunker Down – Thread Drawings

I’ve been making art and other fun things in small doses during this hunker down period. These thread drawings are so much fun and keep my mind and hands occupied. All of these are for sale via GCVA (a local non-profit gallery) and I’m offering free US shipping.

Discover Possibilities (9” x 9”) – $45

Grateful heart (9” x 9”) – $45

Hope (4.5” x 6.5”) – $16

Adventure boots (3.5” x 5”) – $12

If you’d like to purchase one, contact the gallery via email: Purchases benefits local artists and an amazing organization supporting the arts in Alaska.

Life Not Perfect

“It’s all in how you look at your life, because no one has a wonderful life. But you can make it what you want it to be.” – Karolyn Grimes

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful (9” x 9”)

Birthday Celebration Sale

I turn 45 tomorrow! To celebrate my birthday I’m combining my love of creating and my desire to make room for new magic.  
What does that mean for you?  A sale and a free workshop.

I posted an 8 part video workshop to create a Magpie Girl Art Quilt to my YouTube channel.  Now’s a great time to watch and get inspired to start stitching your own art quilt.  What’s a Magpie Girl?  A girl who collects precious bits and baubles of shiny and sometimes tattered items.  Best of all, she isn’t afraid to display her collection on the ruffled layers of her dress.    

Magpie Girl Art Quilt Workshop

I’ve got a closet full of patterns that need to find their way into your creative hands.   That means most paper patterns are 60% off now through April 30. 

Paper Patterns

If you don’t want to wait for postal delivery, all PDF (digital download) patterns are 50% off through April 30.  

PDF Patterns

Lastly, I’m freeing up some space on my shelves for new creative adventures, so I have bundled up cards and fabric prints and put them on clearance (75% off).  Get them before they are gone.

Fabric Print and Card Bundles

I hope you are all finding ways to create happy in the unknown chaos and quiet we find ourselves in.  

Be Brave Bear

“Be courageous…Be brave as your fathers before you. Have faith! Go forward!” – Thomas A. Edison

Be brave (9” x 9”)